Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm sleeping between trucks thinking of you...

I hate being sick. Im not like sick sick, but a horrible sinus infection and an ear infection are keeping me in bed today. I can feel the grossness hanging out in my chest. When I actually start coughing, its going to be really sickening. I know it. My doctor is kind of creepy, but he is loose with the prescription pad, thank god, cause I needed an allergy prescription and something for my poor ears. I am happy for a lazy day in bed trying to breathe, but I do hate not being at work. I love my job and I dont like that its not getting done today. I guess ive become a dedicated member of corporate society after all. Also kinda gross.

I didnt make it to the gym last night, opting for the doctors office instead, looks like Lacey and I had the forces against us. I will be back in action on Thursday.. I know I wont go tommorrow since I would like to celebrate the 5% irish blood that I have.

I did decide to go to San Diego. Ive never been to CA and a free trip sounds divine. I just have to pay for a plane ticket and the shuttles. Big Deal. This is why god invented plastic. Plus, with the Florida trip in two weeks, Im looking forward to getting out of town and clearing my head a little bit. As much as I dont love the sun, I am very ready to soak in some vitamin D and relax.

So bring on health and family time in FL and some Amy time in CA. Im ready for it. Plus, I wont look 1/2 bad in my bathing suit this year. Thats a bonus. Now, however, its time for TV and some more OJ.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Im a slacker. Ive walked this week, but no gym. Starting sunday its back on the horse. Whether or not I have to drag myself there alone, im going to curves. I havent gained any, but im at a plateau. I have to find out how to break it. I dont want to be skinny. I just want to be healthy.

Im in a weird spot for other things. we are talking, but its weird. I think he thinks I want more than I do. Right now, im content. I dont need anything else but what it is. I know he cant give me anything else and when I decide that I want it, Ill find it. Maybe (for sure) it wont be with him. Sad, yes. but expected. Will I ever be truly happy?

I need a date. I need someone to make my heart go pitterpatter. I want to go far away and see something new and exciting. I need my tummy to stop hurting and my head to sleep.

The good news is I have a really cute skirt to wear tomorrow. That pleases. me.